AJT Software was conceptualized keeping in view only the Travel and Tourism industry. Though it is worth billion of dollars but its not at all streamlined. We started in the year 2014 with a sole aim to resurrect the market and owing to our deep experience in this field and a small team of talent, we have managed to overcome the first hurdle, having a presence felt. The entire Development Center is based in Bangalore, India while the Sales and Marketing part is being handled by a joined work force from Kenya and India.

We not only cater to development of a fully-fledged travel portal but also are versatile enough to market those products. Our Marketing team focuses on the cross selling methodology of packages which is first of its kind in India. The client’s hard earned investment is recovered with few weeks of dedicated effort.

There are several of those travel agents who are ignorant of several changes being happening with the wholesalers and the suppliers. Our team of dedicated marketing geeks not only inform them about new trends but also do a certain amount of implementations, without any cost.