Flight Integration being the most important aspect of a Travel Portal, is often used in various formats. A Flight Reservation System pools in the Inventory from the wholesaler’s database and shows on the OTAs website. These are LIVE data which could be booked by the client’s visiting the website. The whole system is maintained by a Robust Booking engine platform on the homepage that culminates with the payment gateway which has to be a much secured process. Though Flight Reservation System is an imperative module in any website, not all the travel agents would have the possibility to get access to the GDSs. Only IATA approved members can do ticketing using a GDS system. Thus several wholesalers have come with the solution of a 3rd party Flight Integration system and Android app for Flight booking Services. The whole process of Search results, Booking flow and reservation of tickets are the same as GDS, the only difference being the presence and absence of few Flight sectors. Normally these 3rd Party Flight Reservation System focuses more on the nationality from where it’s purchased and so shows the domestic flights more in comparison with the international. So this facility would make sure that every website can have the facility of Flight ticketing system, without being an IATA member.

The only hitch in using a 3rd Party Flight system is its credibility in the market. A well established player in the market would also have good inventory. Rates also matters a lot in 3rd party Flight API as those would be higher than in case of a GDS enabled website. It is always advisable to check the mark ups in the backend while using the 3rd party API to make sure that rates do not go over a specified limit. 3rd Party Flight Integration comes with its own set of limitations but there is no alternative to it. We at AJT Software Labs have worked with almost all the prominent 3rd Party Flight suppliers across the globe. From every country and nation we have worked with the best available suppliers in Flights.

AJT Software Labs has the facility intact to serve our clients on any 3rd Party Flight integration, Android app for Flight booking services across the globe. Kindly send us a request to have a quote from our Sales team. We are also proficient in integration any GDS/XML/API enabled Flight reservation System as well as Flight white label solutions. Kindly send us an email or contact us via our website to know more about our services and development process.