No Travel Portal is completed without a well built Airline Reservation System. A well to do system not only enables the Tour agent to book tickets randomly but also caters to their agents. But what exactly is “Well Built” Airline Reservation System? Does it caters to just integrating a Flight API with the website and start the ticketing process? Or does it caters to a white label solution from any Wholesaler and earn commission per booking happening. It’s neither of the two, and it’s Both of them too!!! A Flight Module is nothing but a medium to source the inventory from a Flight API, but it won’t benefit you until and unless you choose a renowned and an established player in the market. The cost of tickets is the most imperative factor in attracting clients to your website. Not all Tour operators could afford a GDS, but there are several of those well running Third Party Flight API that would meet your requirements. We at AJT Software labs, make sure that you get the BEST available inventory from across the Globe. Similar is the case with a white label solution. Until the wholesaler pays you a good commission, there is no point in using there solution and a good commission depends on the Inventory which is directly proportional to your Client’s bookings.

A typical Airline Reservation system boasts of a seamless Flights Booking engine, a well navigated Search Result page, Clearly Visible Flights of various sectors with facility to choose the one way and round trip in quick succession. A detailed yet concise Traveller’s details page, a smooth and secure Payment gateway process along with a neatly designed Voucher. Any one entity if it misses out, Might hamper the entire reservation process. The search result should be quick enough for the client to search and book. This quick result involves a lot of technical process which isn’t possible to make or devise by someone who doesn’t commands a real time Flight Booking Engine development experience. There are several modes to build and develop an Airline Reservation System but the uniqueness of it lies with the robustness and simplicity of the Search Result.

There are hoards of Flight Suppliers who took their Inventory from well-known GDS and resell the same to different, travel agents with a mark-up of their own. It is always advisable to compare the prices of the inventory with several well established OTA before going ahead. Airline Reservation System offered by AJT Software Labs comes with its own set of benefits. Client will not only be notified of the best vendor for Flights but would also be involved in gathering the best features from several well known OTA and combine all into one. This is difficult task but it provides the client with the best available solution at one place.

We would like to request an opportunity to build a Fully Fledged Airline Reservation System, Best Android App for Travel Portals for our clients, laced with all the Top class features from across the Globe.