Best SEO Services for Travel and Tour Agents

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing goes Hand-in-Hand for any Tour and Travel Agents. We at AJT Software Labs do not only make sure that you have a clean and Organic SEO, but also make sure that your packages get sold out by our Marketing Forum. .

We being in Travel Technology for years could feel the pulse of Ongoing Travel related road-blocks and the major one is the Packages sale. Any Operator has to get there packages sold out to make a profitable and sustainable ground.

Through our reach and associations we make sure that your website gives you profit in 12 weeks Flat, this is achievable via our Marketing Package where we ensure that your packages and inventory are sold on our client’s portals and there Inventory on yours.

Kindly have a look at below mentioned Features:-

1. The complete concept is about travel packages sales (cross selling).

2. One can access the global travel packages data and can also share his travel packages to agents (B2B).

3. Your packages will be segregated according to geography and will be shared to agents in those geographies.

4. The travel packages will be sold via two channels –

A – Through your existing website (*which you may have already)

B – Through our clients (travel agents), who are willing to sell worldwide travel packages.

We provide a dedicated developer for the following activities:-

A) – Compiling / Segregating all of your packages with all required parameters.

B) – Creating new packages from your existing database.

C) – Publishing your packages on your associate’s web page.

D) – Sending you the packages of your associate.

E) – Publishing his packages on your Portal.

F) – Maintaining the booking request on both the Portal.

G) – Handling the client of both the portal’s booking requests.

H) – Doing SEO activities of your Portal.

Some of the Areas where we Cross Sell Your Inventory are:-

1)- Various aggregators present Globally or in Your Country.

2)- Various Travel Fares being Organized Globally.

3)- On Our Client’s Travel Portals, Preferably in your country.